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How to Find a Weight Loss Physician

At Health Watch MD, we believe that finding a qualified physician can help you lose weight, reverse diabetes, improve your health, and change your life. Although we don’t recommend any specific physicians, many physicians have specialized training in weight loss medicine and can help you lose weight more quickly and more easily than a commercial weight loss program can. Finding a qualified physician is easy, and is one of the most effective ways to lose weight (without surgery) and maintain a healthy weight over time.

Prescription medicines can prevent people from losing weight and actually cause weight gain. And coming off those prescriptions can only be done with the help of a qualified physician. Patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes can often decrease, and sometimes completely stop taking insulin when they lose just 5% of their body weight (this means 12 pounds if you weigh 240 pounds).

How to find a qualified physician

To find a physician, simply do an internet search for medical weight loss, physician weight loss, or medical weight loss specialist.  Find out if the doctor has training in bariatric medicine, or weight loss medicine.  Physicians can help you in ways that commercial weight loss programs can’t. They use customized programs based on your metabolism, medical history, current prescriptions and individual goals. Internists, Gynecologists, Family Practitioners and Cardiologists often have training in weight management. Just ask. If your doctor has had training in bariatric medicine, you’ll be in good hands.