News Staff

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Sarah Klein – Managing Director, Editor

Sarah is a seasoned editor with vast experience in health and fitness, as well as medical journalism.  Ms. Klein manages the Health Watch MD team in all aspects pertaining to content.

Dr. Michael Kaplan – Medical Director for The Center for Medical Weight Loss, and adviser to HealthWatch-MD for all medical and health issues. Dr. Kaplan is a board certified bariatric physician who specializes in the non-surgical treatment of obesity and weight management.

Lance Andrews – staff writer with background in medical malpractice and medico-legal journalism.

Ava Lawson – staff writer experienced in fitness journalism, responsible for writing and editing for

Rayn Green – staff writer and researcher, blog publisher and social media enthusiast.  Heavy interest in pharmaceutical issues and diabetes prevention.

Jacky Gale  – staff writer fitness journalist. Dedicated to reporting on medical research, obesity and diabetes.

Neil Donaghy – staff writer interested in all health matters, focusing on pharmaceuticals and medical research.

Shay Morrigan – staff writer with special interest in medical malpractice, medical research and diabetes.